Late Night with Carl Sagan (excerpt)
running time 10:52, HD video, 2013
Shot entirely on an iPhone with homemade props and frame-by-frame animation, the video is a restaging, a reimagining, and an insomniac response to Sagan’s iconic 1980 series, Cosmos. Poetic, existential, hopeful, his series is a timeless prophecy on humanity’s place in the universe. Sagan talks to the subject with an attitude best described as wonder, in a manner that is wholly different than the position taken towards science by contemporary entertainment. Viewed late at night on Netflix, it becomes a participatory conversation, drifting into tangent, hyperbole, speculation, and intervention.

Dark Space exhibition loop (excerpt)
running time 9:00, HD video, 2015
The area of inquiry of Dark Space, a solo show of drawing, photography and video in 2015, is the dark space between the present moment and the recorded moment, the image and its object. Manifesting as ideas across temporal distance, shapes and forms transmute from photographs to obsessive, accumulative contour drawings, to paintings and back again to photography in a reproductive loop, all in an ongoing search for the subject. Pyramids and uncanny black orbs degrade and reconstitute, the labor of description evident as they grow and shrink in scale and are photographed under changing light.

Divination Strategies, Wayne County 2015 (excerpt)
running time 8:34, HD video, 2015
Shot in Detroit, this piece looks at finding different ways to decode photographs by harnessing a systematic method (tarot) to organize what appear to be random images such that they provide narrative meaning.