Sunken Treasure (trailer)
running time 32:00, DCP, 2019
An amalgalm of ship’s logs from the deep sea and deep space, Sunken Treasure draws us into a journey of exploration that detaches from time and geography. Piloting a boat into the void of a remote water cave in Central Europe, or sinking deep under the Adriatic Sea, the camera sees as if for the first time. The western narrative of exploration and discovery typified by Jacques Cousteau and the nature documentary genre of the 1970’s provides the historical scaffolding of departure for a voice which plays alternatively with and against the images, opening up meaning and dislocating us from what we see.

Late Night with Carl Sagan (excerpt)
running time 10:52, HD video, 2013
Shot entirely on an iPhone with homemade props and frame-by-frame animation, the video is a restaging, a reimagining, and an insomniac response to Sagan’s iconic 1980 series, Cosmos.

Formation (excerpt)
running time 7:45, DCP, 2019
In Formation, ideas become solid objects and vice versa, as if shape is a thought form and these forms are imprinted on our memory. The film was created from hundreds of analog photographs, compiled directly from the camera roll without any editing. Iteratively etched into the prints’ surface are contour drawings of different objects; a conjoined pyramid, a sphere, that shift and travel as the film plays. Like an incantation, the film returns again and again to the shape of something that perhaps can’t be seen at all, always out of view, forming through remote viewing.