Sunken Treasure (trailer)
running time 32:00, DCP, 2019
An amalgalm of ship’s logs from the deep sea and deep space, Sunken Treasure draws us into a journey of exploration that detaches from time and geography, where what is discovered is our own desire for the search.

Late Night with Carl Sagan (excerpt)
running time 10:52, HD video, 2013
Shot entirely on an iPhone with homemade props and frame-by-frame animation, the video is a restaging, a reimagining, and an insomniac response to Sagan’s iconic 1980 series, Cosmos.

Divination Strategies, Wayne County 2015 (excerpt)
running time 8:34, HD video, 2015
Shot in Detroit, this piece looks at finding different ways to decode photographs by harnessing a systematic method (tarot) to organize what appear to be random images such that they provide narrative meaning.